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Miro Is released!

The new version of the former Democracy Player, now known as miro has been officially RELEASED. I’m going to see how it compiled on gutsy compared to the second release candidate, will post again with how and if I could get it to compile.

Still no go on  Gutsy… I got it to compile by using a rather dangerous method, I installed the devel packages of libboost from feisty, which tricked it in to compiling. It however segfaults on run. So I don’t call that a victory.


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Well if you haven’t heard sometime today Democracy Player will become Miro… I don’t have a full feature log, BUT guess what! It now supports Veoh searching! *finally* I even tried my own hand at it (their API is annoying though…) Trouble is it doesn’t build on gutsy… I know! boost-python trouble… Surprising eh? Anyway I’ll be watching a lot! Hopefully we get it in to the gutsy repos before final freeze =X

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The Blogosphere Battledome!

Fried CPU, the angry geeks? We couldn’t think of a name or tagline, this popped in to my head and we sort of went with it.

Yes, we’re in the process of all writing up nice introductions, so I’ll begin mine. I’m Bryan and I’m a teenage geek with far too much time on his hands. I spend the majority of my time sampling the latest tech offerings in the Linux world. I am, however, not limiting myself to that, I keep up to date with pretty much every major facet of the tech world. You’ll mainly see me making posts about the latest Services around the net, and Linux. I’ll write up reviews, previews, and thought-provokers. All of us here at the time of writing this are Invite-junkies, and get in to all the best betas as soon as we can, on that note. Expect a streamy review from all of us any day now =] (NORLY!)  My posts will try to maintain themselves in the realm of intelligent thought and opinion. I’m normally pretty neutral but sometimes I get a little heated. And with that, I’m off.

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