Myspace: A place for friends. LinkedIN: A place for business. Facebook: What the hell IS this for?

So,  A *lot* of people have been ranting to me about how Facebook used to be cool and how the new applications have ruined it completely by inviting the Myspace crowd.  Well, haven taken a step back and looked at the problem, Facebook just sits in a confusing position right now.  Their target audience seems to be ‘everyone’, and that doesn’t work too well.  This is particularly bad for people in MY position as well. 

Firstly, I have a pretty sizable network of friends locally, JUST friends.  These local people aren’t my business contacts, people from an online community, or any such thing.  They’re just friends, and friends want to have fun.  So, of course I’m getting invites to “Pirates vs Ninjas”, “Horoscope”, “SuperPoke”, and any other number of applications on Facebook.  All of these people were former myspace users, and I’m part of the reason they switched to Facebook, my mistake.

On the other hand, I have another group of contacts.  I have my fellow FriedCPU writers, my connections from various art communities, my connections from the Ubuntu community, etc.  These are contacts that couldn’t care less if I choose to be a pirate or a ninja, they don’t care what music I’m listening to, and moreover they get annoyed when I have 500 app boxes on my profile stopping them from getting to some information that actually matters.

The current setup just makes it plain impossible to make both of these camps of users happy without setting up (and maintaining) two different Facebook accounts.  As it stands my friends are addicted to the apps and probably wouldn’t be in a big hurry to get back to Myspace, but my contacts would like them gone forever. 

I’m stuck in the middle of two clashing groups, and now I understand why these communities were supposed to be kept separate.  But, either way, my Facebook is going to be a more contact oriented tool for me in the future, along with my Twitter and Pownce accounts, etc.  I can’t wait ’till Myspace opens their platform so everyone can go back to their camps and live happily again.

Rant Over.  Flame On.

– Adam.


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