I’m actually curious about this:

What do you do with your social network?

It’s a fairly simple question:  How has your social network site benefited you?  Has it added anything to your daily browsing life, made life more convenient, etc?

I’m actually interested in hearing about this, if you read this and don’t mind leaving me a comment please do. 



  1. Thomas Allen said

    I never was much into the whole social networking thing. In High School, some pressed ladies twisted my arm to make a MySpace account, and the same has happened with Facebook with college women. But my treatment of the service has been the same: I leave the account up, respond promptly to messages (but never via any public communication: always by email, a private message, or preferrably, telephone), and keep my account information current. I only sign in when I get an email alerting me of a new message, friend request, etc. As such, I never make “friend requests” but have gathered a solid base of people who have proposed it to me.

    The whole “friend” thing never really appealed to me: I mean, aren’t you my friend already? Same reason that I quit using IM as soon as I moved out of my parents’ place: Except as a rapid development business tool (ability to send links quickly, etc.), I don’t see how IM is in any way superior to a phone. The advantage is that conversation isn’t exclusive (four IM windows at once, usually), but this is not something that benefits communication, in my opinion.

  2. illu45 said

    Well, I usually use my social networks to keep up with what my friends (and people I’m interested in) are doing, mostly a la Facebook and Pownce. Also, once in a while I’ll use Facebook to see what parties/events are coming up that I might be interested in.

  3. elcasey said

    Social networks remain, for the most part, completely useless (other than as entertainment). Facebook is nice because it allows to keep in touch with the vast majority of fellow classmates from TsMO Moscow State University ’05-’06, but that’s the extent of it.

    They don’t “do” anything but keep you in touch with people.

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