I has a Streamy review.

    So, thanks to a large helping of kindness on behalf of one of the
developers of Streamy, Jon, I and my fellow FriedCPU cohorts got ahold
of some Streamy invites.  Now, I’ve been waiting a while to write this
review, because the site is beta and a lot of changes were happening. 
I expect that this review will not be the last you’ll read on this blog
as my fellow cohorts will be doing the same whenever they feel good and
ready, I suppose.  So, without further adieu here’s a Streamy review:

    The concept behind Streamy seems to be a mixed bag of sharing your favorite
articles with your friends while getting new articles send to you based
on what you might like.  It’s pretty cool, and it seems to work to a
large extent.  I’m not sure how it filters all of this out, but it
does, and I’m fine with that.  Although, while using it I got some
odd-balls that didn’t exactly fit my interests (I’m not interested in
cars, for instance, but I got some GM articles) most of them did fit me
pretty well and I was introduced to a couple of new feeds that I really

    The user interface of Streamy is probably my favorite part.   The
entire site is incredibly ajax-ified, EVERYTHING is drag-able, which is
particularly fun when you’re having a group chat with your friends or
just a one-on-one with someone from your friends list.  At first the
amount of options can seem rather daunting, but it’s very easy to get
used to it.  I have some minor caveats with the interface, but the
interface is under development still, but it’s still under development
so they could change very soon.  The developers have shown a
high-willingness to take input from anyone who is willing to give it,
so I expect a lot of modifications based on input from early
beta-users.  Pages are very simple to navigate in this site, and once
you’re used to dragging everything around the site feels very fluid and
fun.  Another note I have is that the original theme is a very
appealing sky-blue color and it’s very attractive, unless you’re like
me and have sensitive eyes.  Thankfully they have another theme which
is black, and I happen to find it much more attractive myself.  I’m
hoping for a white-text-on-black-bg theme soon, myself.

there has been a lot of hype over whether this site is a ‘digg killer’
and it’s just not, the two aren’t even similar.  This site reminds me
of a very social, personalized, RSS-reader dedicated to bringing me
more news and stories tailored to my interests.  I’ve been reading
TechCrunch and other sites dooming Streamy to obscurity, and I couldn’t
disagree more.  Streamy is a great site that brings a great new
experience that keeps me going back and checking the site more often,
and it’s highly viral.  The best thing about this site is that it has a
strong purpose even if you don’t have tons of friends, but having them
makes the site much more engaging and fun.  You can simply
click-and-drag news articles to your friends and chat away about the
contents.  Granted, the site’s contents aren’t JUST news articles as my
two favorite feeds are ‘
I CAN HAS CHEEZEBURGER’ and The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.

    Some aspects of the site I found to be
really cool, like when you add a feed to the site that feed becomes
available for anyone.  The AIM integration is a blast, as well as their
own network which allows for group chats (we have a lot of those). 
They’re planning on supporting more networks as time goes on, I suspect
that Yahoo!, MSN, GoogleTalk, Jabber, and maybe even IRC are on the
list of services to support, but I can confirm that they definitely are
planning on adding Twitter support (came right from a developer’s
mouth-keyboard-typing-thing).  The site also allows you to save
stories/posts that you were particularly fond of, and create filters
that will filter out the entire site’s contents based on the parameters
you put into place.  In short, it’s incredibly feature packed
considering that there are a grand total of two developers, I’m
awestruck when I see the site and realize it’s the work of just two

    So, Streamy is now one of my irreplaceable services
with a permanent place on my bookmarks toolbar.  I’ll try to post up
some screenshots of it later, and maybe even a screencast showing off
the site for you all.  I definitely think it’ll be worth the wait you
are all being put through for this site, it may not be ‘revolutionary’
but I wouldn’t have any problems saying that it’s a step above similar
sites and that it’s definitely a good, usable, site.  I hope you’re all
going to enjoy it as much as I have.

Rant Over.  Flame On.

– Adam.



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  2. […] Adam mentioned here, a few of us recently got invited to test out Streamy, a new social news service. Since you […]

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  6. mike said

    woudl love an invite if you coudl talk the developer into giving one more out. I am very helpful beta tester. And i am just dying to give streamy a try!

  7. Kishore said

    Can i get an invitation for streamy

    Thanks in advance

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