Perhaps Google is sitting on the world’s largest social network already?

This is all just theory-craft on my part, but as I log into my iGoogle page, shift over to Gmail, and begin looking through my contacts by photo to find the person I want to email, I can’t help but get the feeling: “You know… this is an awful lot like any other social network I’ve been to…”

It seems that Google has everything other services could want, and more.  They’ve got seemingly separate communities for every single service that other sites offer, but are they really that separate? Just as a point, how many of your friends use GMail?  How many of them use YouTube?  It’s the same people contributing to a LOT of Google’s sites.

I’m sure that I’m not the only-one who thinks this about Google’s services, but we’ll just have to see what they come up with.  Right now ‘social’ features they’re lacking are a stream/friend-news, and profile pages.  We’ll see if they decide to make those or continue to let Facebook and Myspace dominate the landscape.


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  1. The fun part is, Google is smart for keeping these communities separate. I personally hate, not for the people, but for the ugly cluttered conglomeration of “everything” that it is.

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