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Hey people! I’m Travis, but you may know me from the Ubuntu Forums and other places around the net as panickedthumb. I’m new here, but everyone is relatively new here so I don’t feel like much of a noob.

I’m kinda the resident computer/tech geek for all my friends, which is good and bad. As you can imagine, I fix a lot of computers.

I work as a network administrator, which is fine by me, I get to do what I love for a living.

I got my first computer at the beginning of my senior year, 9 years ago (has it been that long?) and when I got it, I knew nothing. In about 3 months I installed Linux for the first time, and I’ve been going back to Linux ever since then, but never found a reason to stay with it until Ubuntu.  I’m a Web 2.0 junkie. To be honest, most of the new Web 2.0 apps are useless, but the ones that are great are REALLY great, and it’s exciting to see the technology changing in front of our eyes.

I’m addicted to Streamy right now. Whenever their servers come back up I’m going to start writing my Streamy review, which will probably be one of many you read on this site.

So that’s me. I could go on for hours talking about me, me, me, but you just want to read my posts. So I’ll let you learn from them, when the time comes.

Happy reading!


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