So, we’re getting page views… and social networks still fail at organizing my life.

Well, it seems like about one week into our blog venture John, the resident MIT geek, has had to go and get us all sorts of digg publicity.  Thanks John, now we’re going to have to live up to all that technical hype and I don’t think I can operate under that kind of pressure.  But no, seriously, good job man.  It’s a good article and definitely worth reading, keep ’em coming. 🙂

Anyway, onto the entire point for this post.  I’m just a wee-bit disappointed in ‘social networking’ as we know it today (as is very obvious from recent posts of mine).  I got into a nice little discussion/debate/argument with Bryan over IRC about my ideal social network.  The entire concept is ‘aggregate my life, don’t make me re-write it’.

Have you noticed that?  You log into a social network and you begin the monotonous task of convincing every one of your friends that it’s worth switching to, and then you have to re-write pretty much everything, re-upload your photos, and recreate a profile that existed on a another slightly less awesome network.  This whole system sucks, and I think we should be rethinking what the network is actually doing.

So, here’s my ideal network:  Aggregate my life… If I use Flickr let me tell you about that, and you can pull photos from that and use my flickr profile pic as my pic for the site.  If I’m uploading my videos to YouTube why should I have to re-upload my videos to a second location, just pull my content from other sites and build my profile from that.  Let me communicate and converse with people…

My ‘network’ should not be a locked in and locked down targeted-advertising frenzy.  My network should be about me, and about MY connections.  So, in short, I want a service that builds my profile page but lets me use other applications to communicate and share.  The network site itself should allow me to add friends and do other basic things, past that it should be syncing with the content I’m placing on the web in other places.

I just hope all of these ‘web 2.0’ companies realize this and start delivering services that meet my needs… it’s kind of sad when Wink builds a better, more care free, profile page for me than facebook.  

Rant Over.  Flame On.

– Adam.

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  1. Bryan said

    Buzzkill. =]

  2. illu45 said

    Well, you make a valid point that most social-networking startups do require a lot of work in getting people to switch over to your new service. I also agree that it would be great if social networks would work together so that you would be able to do things like grab/link to stuff on other services and make them visible on the new site. However, to me, social networking isn’t as much about being on the newest and coolest social network, but being where my friends are. Maybe I’m just a sheep instead of a leader, but to me, the most important thing in a social network is how many people I know on the network. So for me, there really isn’t a whole lot of convincing, but far more using, which is always nice.

    My two (Canadian) cents,

  3. devinmoore said

    Aggregation is the secret to maintaining a massive web “2.0” (or whatever) presence with minimal effort; I have put a ton of effort into aggregating all of my content into one streamlined process. I still can’t get away from some manual steps, but at least I’m not burning through the entire day just to get a single multimedia update. If only there was a free way to get good circulation as well… I can’t imagine why anyone would give that away and also not be labeled as spamming. Oh well, you can’t have everything I suppose.

  4. Doug Jenkins said

    wait, adam.
    Only YOU could design something to organize the way YOU think.
    I realize that here, you tend to stay on topic, but really…your thought process in not static, but very dynamic…yes, maybe google is your social network…lots of pieces…spread out…connected, but not.

    God Bless

  5. Doug Jenkins said

    or maybe I don’t understand social networks the way you do.

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