Welcome to Thunderdome, bitch.

Ok, so my name is Adam, firstly.  Welcome to our little slice of the overly chaotic world of blogging, don’t expect much of a reprieve from the chaos here.  This blog is basically a collective thought-dump for people who have completely varying opinions on life.  You might agree with one of us, disagree with another, and all of us will probably scare you in one fashion or another.  As a disclaimer, don’t expect any consistency in posts, we’re not a company, we’re not a collective, we’re just a few overly thoughtful geeks with spare time.

With that said, let me introduce you to me.  I’m the resident consumer, corporate wannabe, business-hoe, whatever my fellow writers will call me.  Basically, I like business, and that tends to be a polarizing factor in our discussions.  I’m an Apple fan (not a fanatic), I love Google with every ounce of my soul, and if it’s a social networking site you can bet I’m on it or I will be.  I love the social web and I constantly find myself more drawn to it. 

You might see me posting on anything from reviews of new products and services, to bitch & moan posts, me getting my thoughts out there, or maybe me proposing a new way to do some business (I’m known to do that).  I tend to post infrequently, and write fairly long posts when I do write.  I hope I can deliver some thought provoking discussions to the site.

Rant Over. 

Flame On.

– Adam.

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  1. Doug Jenkins said


    I like your ideas…..of course it fits you, you are VERY good about not insisting that everyone do it your way (oh, you have A way?)

    So I oculd be surprised if you get some flames, but I don’t think it will burn you, as much as transform you…as clay heated in a kiln is the same, but very different.

    God Bless

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